Palace in Rome (id792)

 86,000 sqft in area Piazza Cavour. This palace is full-rent with 6+6 agreement. Cap rate good.   43 M Euro required   Further information and all technical and legal details will be provided upon presentation of a letter of interest (Loi). The continuation of the contacts will be possible only with [...]

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Hotel 5* Rome (Italy) (id764)

Prestigious location in Rome, historic building (beginning of 1900), more than 120k ft total, 5 stars, Value assets including land and buildings $152M, some debts to the bank, revenues from sales $ 8.4M. Sale of shares of the company formed specifically Asking price $169M Procedure [...]

Hotel 5* Rome (Italy) (id764)2017-01-30T05:06:55+00:00
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