Prestigious location in Rome, historic building (beginning of 1900), more than 120k ft total, 5 stars, Value assets including land and buildings $152M, some debts to the bank, revenues from sales $ 8.4M.
Sale of shares of the company formed specifically
Asking price $169M
Procedure required by the properties:
1) production of the warrant by the intermediary and confidentiality agreement and letter of interest, always related with confidentiality agreement signed to direct the company / fund / group concerned the acquisition, non-binding in which you must be aware of the extent of demand, also reserving the right to make a counterproposal;
2) only at this point the property will provide all the necessary documentation for a proper evaluation of the structure and will undertake in-depth surveys, also with technicians appointed by the party concerned to the acquisition;
3) made in-depth analysis of the previous point, the interested party will make its purchase offer, which will take into account the commitment to restructure and that will still be subject to the outcome of a due diligence purely administrative; if the amount proposed is such as to constitute a basis on which the property is available to discuss, the same will give an exclusive negotiation (maximum one month) the proposer will define everything with a preliminary transfer of shares, the signing of which will still be paid a deposit of at least 20/25% of the agreed price.